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This may have been posted before. In march I had a bad pap that came back as CIN I with focal CIN II. I had the leep procedure done and at my 3 month checkup pap it had came back and was CIN III- carcinoma in situ. So in aug I had my secound Leep done. The Dr. said he went a lil more aggressive the secound time and after ready my operative and pathology reports seen he had to put a stitch in to stop the bleeding after the secound one. My question is this. since the 2nd leep I spot alot of dark bllod days before my period and this month had alot of ovarian pain. I woke up at 4 am almost yelling in pain and doubled over in my kitchen floor trying to get a heating pad. the pain was in my lower abdomen and right ovary ,it lasted about an hour followed by heavy bleeding. I still have either cells or scar tissue that flow out with my periods every month. When I asked a Dr. about it they said it was either an ovarian cyst that ruptured or I may have scar tissue blocking my cycle from flowing as it should and may have to have my cervix dilated or tissue removed. I have been checked out for it yet. Has anyone else had these problems?

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