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hi, i have had a leep cone biopsy for cin 111, which is sometimes called AIS, i had this done in February this year, i had pm, on an afternoon off, but was fine for work the next day, had bleeding for a week,approx, and told to abstain from sexual intercourse for 6 weeks. It didnt hurt but was uncomfortable, and took approx 30 minutes as also had biopsies taken. |When the doctor gives you the results from your cone procedure, make sure you ask if the margins are clear****** I had AGCUS or AGUS (glandular) cells which are more uncommon than ASCUS. So is important to ask which cells you have*******, glandular or squamous. You will be called back within 6 months after your cone for a check-up, to see how it is healing and repeat smear (s) one maybe to sweep the endocervical canal - very important if you have AGCUS, i have had this treatment and two abnormal smears since, the first one they just normally watch and wait but on second you are called back to colposcopy, which I have now on Monday, so am nervous. They found Cin III in a biopsy and Cin I in my leep/cone procedure. There is a high rate of recurrance but as long as you have all your check-ups you will catch pre-cancer cells. Big hugs and let me know the outcome. x

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