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Had cryo yesterday
Nov 9, 2010
Background- 33 yrs. old. 1st abnormal pap this past Feb. Had colpo/biopsy which showed mild CIN1 and my gyn wanted to wait and see if it would clear itself. Had another colpo/biopsy in October which showed no change from the last one so he scheduled the cryo.

Had that done yesterday. It was uncomfortable but nothing horrible. My gyn was present but his nurse practitioner did the procedure. First off, she told me the watery discharge wouldn't require anything more than a pantyliner! I have had to change my pad several times today and even leaked through my pants once! She also told me to wait a WEEK to have sex when everything I have read has says at least two weeks.

So, first off, just how heavy should this watery discharge be. Also, how long should I really wait to have sex?

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