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I was diagnosed with AGUS last Oct and in Feb the diagnosis changed to AGUS favor neoplastic. I had a cold knife, and colposcopy which were normal. I have also had an abdominal ct which was normal. When I saw my gyn six months ago she told me that she was going to a pap, colposcopy, and ECC when she saw me again. I saw her about a month ago and she only did the pap and colposcopy. When I asked about the ECC she said, "Everything looks fine so I don't need to do an ECC.". So I have never had an ECC done. The endometrial biopsy she did eight months ago said that the sample was too small to test. Why would a gyn say that everything looked good and not do a test? The pap didn't show anything abnormal, but it was a strange pap. She used a Q- tip and I didn't feel a thing....which has never happened before. I always bleed after but that didn't happen either. I haven't had a period since the cold knife in May but I have had period cramps with no spotting at all. Previously I was spotting all the time. I could be menopausal but I wondered if I could have a stenosis from the cone. Would she be able to see a stenosis when doing the coloposcopy? Should I be concerned about not having an ECC?

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