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[QUOTE=mamiS;4637735]Hi my name is laura and I was wondering I had precancer cells removed with the leep procedure what is the chances of it coming back? I had the procedure done when I was 16 I'm 25 now and haven't had a pap in over 5 years!! Yes I know bad choices but I have had a lot of spotting and heavy menstuals.also every singlr time after intercourse I bleed I'm scared an don't want to go but I know something is wrong anybody know what the chances are???[I][/I][/QUOTE]

Hmm... I had hpv and an abnormal PAP at 16. They treated mine with cryo.
I had two normal PAPs afterward, but then I became uninsured and stupidly did not go to the doctor or get any PAPs for about seven years.
When I finally did go back, though, my PAP was normal, and has been ever since.
So in my case, the precancer did not return.

But there's always a possibility it could return, and with the symptoms you're having, I'd be a little concerned.
Your symptoms don't necessarily mean you now have cancer... they could just mean that the dysplasia has come back, and needs to be treated again.
Please make an appointment.
The sooner you go, the easier it will be to treat.
Please, don't put it off because you're scared. Don't wait until this becomes life-threatening. Think of the peace of mind you'll have if it turns out to be nothing serious. Even if it is dysplasia, won't it be a relief to get it taken care of so it doesn't get any worse?

I sincerely hope you'll go to the doctor as soon as possible.
Best of luck to you.

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