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Well, you may need another LEEP or a cone biopsy.
It sounds like you might have two cervical lesions (specimens A & B).
One mild (A), and one a little more severe (B).
The six o'clock refers to the location of the lesion on your cervix (imagine your cervix as the face of a clock).
LEEP probably took care of the mild lesion (A), but perhaps it wasn't sufficient to eradicate lesion B, the more severe one.

So, yeah, they'll either LEEP it again, or else excise it surgically (cone biopsy).

Don't worry, they'll get it all eventually.
Dysplasia/CIN is not cancer, and it will never develop into cancer as long as you continue to manage it aggressively.

I had HPV/ dysplasia twenty years ago, when I was 16. I'd only had sex with one person. It was rather unfortunate.

I had a colposcopy, a cervical biopsy (ouch), and finally cryo-therapy (where they freeze your cervix with liquid nitrogen).
That got rid of it. Mine must've been pretty mild, although I never knew the exact stage or anything, since I was just a kid. My parents probably knew.
I don't think they had LEEP back then, or else I probably would've gotten that instead of cryo.

Anyway, the cryo got rid of dysplasia, and I've had normal PAPs ever since- for twenty years.
I've finally gotten to the point where I'm no longer nervous waiting for my PAP results. I know the virus is out of my system, and most likely will never come back.

So take heart: this is something that millions of women have dealt with, and you will get past this.

My aunt had a similar situation to yours a few years ago. She had a severely abnormal PAP (after not going for her annual check-ups for many, many years), and had to get LEEP.
That didn't get rid of it all, so then she had a cone biopsy, and now she's fine. It's gone.

I will say, though, please stay on top of this.
Do whatever the doctor advises, and once the CIN is gone, please have regular PAPs for the rest of your life.
That way, if it ever does start to come back, you can catch it at the very earliest possible stage, when it's easily treatable, and not have to go through all this again.
I know it's a nightmare. But it will end eventually, and you'll go on to have a healthy future.

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