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Jan 12, 2011
I had a LEEP about 3 weeks ago, and for all those who are scared, DON'T BE. This is such a common procedure, its exactly like a pap except they numb your cervix and spend literally, 10 seconds with a laser to take out the abnormal cells. Typically it is done to pre-cancerous cells, this is why it is very important to get regular paps, to catch these cells before they are cancer. It is not painful, more uncomfortable, it's just the healing time that is a bitch. No sex for a month, no heavy lifting or excersize for 2-3 weeks, no tampons for a month, and no baths or swimming for 2-4 weeks. Wearing a pad for a month is very annoying, I found there was chafing, but it is necessary because of watery discharge. I want to stress that even though it sounds like such a hassel, it is sooo important. The previous generation of women did not have such tests and procedures to get rid of this stuff, we have to take advantage of it. I remember when I was taught sex ed, they didnt even tell me about HPV. Now I know that even condoms don't stop the spread of it, and guys are carriers without any symptoms, unless they develop warts. So. Be careful ladies... get checked regularly, and get the HPV shot!

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