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[QUOTE=fayevest;4661889]One question for you Kali333.. How long do the cervical polyps take to develop? When I went to the Dr. the other day, she didn't really do a pap; she is my GP and just toook some cultures. I have an appt with my OB on the 21st to get a full pap again.[/QUOTE]

Oh, I don't know.
They must develop rather quickly.
At my annual exam when I was 31, i didn't have any, and then a year later, at 32, they found a rather large one.

Most cervical polyps are pendulous- that is, they're hanging from your cervix by a little thread of skin, and sort of teardrop shaped. The doctor can easily twist it off with tweezers or whatever instrument they use for that purpose, and you probably won't even feel it. Then the doctor will send it in to a lab to check it for cancer. Although [I]very[/I] rare, cervical polyps can contain abnormal cells (in less than 1% of cases).

There is another type of cervical polyp, though, which is rarer. It's called a broad-based polyp, and is attached by a broader base. Unfortunately, this is the type I'm prone to. They're still benign. The only difference is, they can't be easily twisted off in an office visit. They have to be cut off, which is sort of painful.
A few years ago, I had one cut off while I was awake, without any pain-killer.
That was so painful that I swore I'd never do it again. Last month, when the doctor discovered another broad-based polyp, I opted for sedation. I was completely knocked out when she removed it, and didn't feel a thing.

If it turns out you have a polyp, just remember: they're almost never serious. The main reason to have them removed is to stop the annoying symptoms and bleeding.

I almost hope that [I]is[/I] what's causing your problems, because it's a quick fix, and then you'll be fine.

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