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Cervical Cancer?
Feb 7, 2011
For the past few months my periods have been wonky. It started right about when I started weaning my two year old. I spot a week before my period starts. I've also noticed quite a bit of blood after intercourse.

Also right before my last period I had red bleeding with my bowl movements which has never happened before and hasn't happened again so far. I have hemorrhoids and have had them since my early twenties.

I asked my midwife if the spotting could be hormonal due to weaning and she said maybe but ordered a bunch of blood tests and an ultrasound along with doing a pap. The blood tests came back normal. So now I'm just waiting on the pap results and my ultrasound appointment this week.

So now I'm freaking out a bit because after a little research via Dr. Google I've found out my symptoms could be cervical cancer. And of course the waiting is driving me nuts!

I had an abnormal pap about eight years ago and had a colposcopy done. I was told I had high risk HPV but have since had normal pap smears.

I'm 34 years old and I've been healthy thus far and no other symptoms really. I have been more tired then usual lately and I've been going to bed earlier. I'm fine until about 5pm though and I go about my day as usual until the exhaustion hits me at that time.

What are the chances I have cancer? The waiting is killing me!


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