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but agus is atypical glandular cells of unknown significance coming from my cervix. I was just wondering is that cancer? Went to two doctors and they said if there are some atypical glandular cells the uterus needs to be removed. I know I am old to have kids since I am forty five. Went for a vaginal ultrasound and the doctor said it was excellent the only problem was the pap smear which showed atypical cells of unknown significance coming form cervix and some outside cells were showing atypical changes like macrocariosis. I am so concerned. I love my uterus even though I cannot have children due to my age but glandular cells are a concern aren't they
hugs to all
thanks for ur answers
Thanks Khali for your nice support. I am so concerned. My leep is scheduled for next Sat and tomorrow I am seeing my gyn again. She said my problem was cervical and vaginal. I was just wondering why these abnormal things don't show up on the endovaginal ultrasound. I do four a year. My mom died at forty seven cause she did not want surgery. I am not menopausical but during the last years I have noticed changes in my periods. Sometimes I would skip one or so and the bleeding is not the same as when I was in my thirties. they performed two biopsies and my doctor will talk to me about them tomorrow. Also I have been feeling pain on my ovaries which will mean if my period comes before saturday I won't be able to have the leep. I am also scared about bleeding abnormally during this procedure. The doctor said she will do it in a surgery room with sedatives. On Thrusday I am going to see my cardiologist cause I have a congenital disease on one of my heart valves. I always have check ups due to this. I have been having pap smears twice a year since twenty. I had a pap smear back in june last year and after seven months they find these abnormal stuffl I also have a vaginal thing which is of no importance. But she said she will have to burn it as well
scared to death. God Bless you for ur answers

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