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Re: LEEP experience
Feb 13, 2011
I wouldn't worry too much about "years of abnormal PAPs".
I know you read a lot of that on this and other medical boards... but in general, one LEEP takes care of the problem.
Occasionally it doesn't, but I really believe those cases are the exception to the rule.

Think about this: a woman who is diagnosed with CIN2, has a LEEP, is cured, and never has another abnormal smear would be less likely to seek out a medical support board than a woman who has persistent HPV infection resulting in numerous LEEPS. Therefore, you are less likely to hear the first story, although I am convinced it is by far the most common outcome.

I had hpv and dysplasia at 16. I was treated with cryotherapy, because I don't think they had LEEP back then. Cryotherapy involves freezing off the lesions with liquid nitrogen... so, the effect is similar to LEEP.
I never had another abnormal PAP smear, and this was over 20 years ago. Never had a problem getting pregnant or maintaining a pregnancy, either.
Most of my friends have been treated for dysplasia at some point in their lives. None of them have had recurrent episodes which require multiple LEEPS.
Well, actually, one of them has had 2 LEEPs, and now she's cured. But many, many others needed only one treatment, as I did.

I really think this is the more common scenario.
For most of us, CIN is a one-time roadbump, not a lifelong struggle.
For those who do struggle with it for years, I'm very sorry. They have my most heartfelt sympathy. it must be a nightmare.
But don't count yourself among them just yet.
I believe that in the vast majority of cases, one treatment does the trick.

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