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I noticed you are located in Argentina, so I'm not sure if you are seeing an american doctor, or are translating. So far, for me, the steps have been:
1) Pap
2) Colposcopy with ECC

1st was the routine gyno pap exam that came back abnormal and with HPV
2nd was Colpo and ECC (Endocervix Curetage). Colpo is where they take a biopsy of the cervix, and with the ECC they take tissue from the canal and test that too for abnormal cell growth.
3rd in the LEEP where they remove the abnormal precancerous cell growth. LEEP is also a diagnostic tool so results can differ here too.

With that said, don't kill yourself. Every procedure is the next step to figuring out what the end result is. And each new biopsy gets a clearer answer from the last one.

So first you'll have the colpo and ecc. Hopefully that shows that cell growth are mild and only need to be monitored. If not, then you'll get the cone or LEEP, where they catch all the bad cells and also test the cells further up and see what condition they are in. From what I've read, the LEEP seems to be very effective at catching the bad cells. And these bad cells are precancerous unless you are told that they are cancer. You probably are FAR from cancer so don't worry yourself and don't this about suicide!! This is is actually easier to beat than a cigarette addiction!

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