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Hi again, I did have a colposcopy and I believe I had the highest grade of abnormal cells, which was alarming because all my paps were always normal. They told me it was still safe to wait. About 6 weeks after the birth of my son, I had a repeat pap, which to no surprise, was still abnormal and was ADENOcarcinoma in situ. I then went on to have a cone biopsy which revealed I was stage 1b1 invasive cancer. I had to have a hysterectomy and since I had 1 positive lymph node, I also had chemo and radiation. I'm fine now 5 years later and never had another abnormal pap, but I can no longer have children, which is still devastating to me, and the radiation left me with chronic swelling in my leg, but, I am here and doing well. So even in the worst case scenerio, which I don't think yours will be, you can beat it and go on to have a great life. Remember that cervical cancer is very curable when caught early, and it seems that since several Dr.s already have on eye on this even before it has become invasive is a very good thing. Stay positive, and enjoy your pregnancy!

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