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[QUOTE=katm4110;4694835]Hi, I'm new here. My name is Laura, I'm almost 26 and have 3 children.

I was diagnosed friday with severe dysplasia and am so scared. When the nurse called me she left a voice mail that said to call her back for my results and that it was "nothing urgent" so I assumed she was going to tell me what the doctor told me during my colposcopy "it doesn't look bad and I'm guessing it will probably come back as A Typical sells of undetermined significance just like your PAP indicated" So even though we were out with the kids at a museum I stepped outside and called her back.... she told me about the dysplasia and acted like it was no big deal.... she was very short w/ me and when I started asking questions she cut me off and offered to send me a pamphlet! She scheduled me for a LEEP on April 14th and that was it.

I used to work for an internist as a medical assistant and the first piece of advise I always gave patients who were diagnosed w/ an illness was not to start googling it and just wait until they spoke w/ the doctor. So of course the first thing I did was pull out my Iphone right there in the museum and start googling it :(

I read a lot of horror stories about how painful the LEEP is.... Stories about women having miscarriges and pre term deliveries after LEEP.... and even worse stories of women who have had LEEP and still up either having cancer or getting cancer.

I have a bunch of questions and I know I sound parinoid..... but I am! When I see pre-CANCER it scares me.... I know I should be happy that it was caught early and I am but I'm still terrified.

If any one has a story to share, some advice, or answers to my questions I would greatly appreciate it.

I have read that some times even though the biopsy says severe dysplasia it turns out being cancer any way.... how common is that? would that mean very early stage cancer? or could I have full blown invasive cancer and not know it?

I recently moved and am not super happy with my new gynecologist, I'm thinking about either a. calling my old gynecologist and driving the two hours for an appointment or b. contacting a gyn/oncologoy dr what would you all suggest?

I already have 3 children, we would like one more but I would rather be healthy for the 3 I have.... part of me thinks that a simple hystorectomy would be the best thing to do so that I don't risk the cancer growing back.... am I just being irrational?

I'll stop rambling now.... I'm just scared and figure getting in touch with people in my situation would probably be better for me then googling this and reading all the horror stories.



I know it's scary. The unknown is always scary.
I've never had LEEP, but I had cervical dysplasia when I was sixteen (over 20 years ago), and it was treated with cryotherapy, which was the standard treatment for mild dysplasia at that time (cone biopsies were done for more severe cases).
I was scared to death by all of it, but I got through it.
All you really have to do is go in, lay there, and let them do stuff to you.
It's not very difficult, in the end.
Trust your doctor. Remember, your doctor understands what's going on, even if you don't, and has performed this procedure countless times. It's not always imperative that we [I]do[/I] understand every last detail of our medical treatment, I don't think... although some would disagree. Some people find it empowering to learn as much as they can. I would've found that overwhelming and frightening, at least at that time.

My treatment worked, and the dysplasia has never returned, not once in all these years.
I've had two healthy children and zero miscarriages, so the treatment did not compromise my ability to have children.

I think your treatment will work too. I think, in a way, you just have to surrender control in these situations and let the doctor do what's necessary.
I know that LEEP is an incredibly common procedure, and while I can't give you a firsthand account of how uncomfortable it is, I don't think I've ever read or heard that it's terribly painful. I think you'll be completely numbed during the procedure and won't feel anything, and I haven't read that the recovery is long or painful, either. In fact, a number of women here have said that they went back to work the following day and were fine.

So please don't be too scared. As far as I know, LEEP is extremely effective as both a diagnostic tool and a cure, in most instances.
For many women, one LEEP is all it takes, and their troubles are over.
But even if that's not true in your case, the LEEP will give your doctor a clearer picture of how bad your dysplasia is, and what further steps need to be taken to resolve it.

Dysplasia is super-common, but cervical cancer is rare (here in the US), and that is entirely thanks to PAPs and treatments such as LEEP, which remove abnormal cells before they have a chance to turn into cancer.
So don't look at it as something scary. Look at it like, "I'm being proactive, doing what I need to do in order to protect myself from cancer in the future."

Good luck! :wave:

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