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Repeat Cone Biopsy
Mar 10, 2011
I underwent a repeat cone biopsy 3 days ago, regarding High grade CGIN.

The first procedure was carried out in October last year and I was required to have it repeated due to there not being a clear enough margin on one side of the biopsy.

I'm worried as I suffered from secondary haemorraghing with my first op, and bled heavily and passed large clots around 5 days after the procedure and went back into hospital for 24hrs for observation as a result. The remainder of the healing period was straight forward.

The doctor advised me before I went down for my op this time of possible extra complications such as scarring which causes tightening to surrounding areas.
They told me when I came round that they had to control the bleeding a little more this time as they were operating on top of the scar tissue from the previous op.

What I'm now worried about is that I'm back home without any antibiotics (apparently, they didnt prescribe me any) when last time I was given a 5 day course and then given the same plus extra after I was admitted the 2nd time with the heavy bleeding, and I'm scared the bleeding may return again. Although, they have signed me off work for two weeks this time, when they didn't sign me off at all first time round (my op last time was on a Friday and I was told I would be ok to return to work as normal on the Monday, given I have an office job).

I'm still experiencing cramps (albiet, slight and easily controlled with painkillers), and so far, only slight bleeding. But I barely had any cramps at all last time. Also, I have a strange discomfort/pain in what feels like my vaginal canal, if I sit upright and sit on my bottom properly. I can't work out if its just bruising or something more. As again, I can't remember experiencing this last time.

I would be most grateful if anybody can share a similar experience or if anybody of a medical background can shed any light on what I am experiencing to help put my mind at ease a little.:dizzy:


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