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From experience I can tell you , that you are not crazy and it absolutely can be causing pain and discomfort ! I have been on and off with cysts for about 20 years and everytime I was in pain or just off , I would get an ultrasound and there it would be.

Even though small , the cyst and ovary coule be pushing on a nerve , or positioned to a point where it is causing you pain. Example of this is I had been battling a cyst on my left ovary for the past three years. It was VERY slow growing starting out around 2 , and we just kept an eye on it . This past year , for the entire year , I was always in pain , back pain , low ovary pain both sides , hip pain , burning sensations in legs , and now it was affecting my everyday life. So we did an ultrasound and it was in the 3 cm range. My doctor explained that normally , at this size , they do not just go ahead and remove them , BUT because I was having symptoms from it she thought we should just go ahead and take it out ! At this point even my bowels were affected . So we plan the surgery . Now skip ahead 4 weeks. All of a sudden I wake up and pain is GONE . Too good to be true. Now my surgery is scheduled 3 weeks from this time. I wait a week of being pain free and call my obgyn. I ask if we could do another ultrasound because I literally have no syptoms for a week now, no pain , bowels back to normal etc..She agrees and during the ultrasound I see that it is still very much there . How is this possible I thought. So while speaking to my doc after she explained that not only was it there but it had grown in a month to over 5 cm !!! Her explanation on why I had no pain ?? Apparently wherever the cyst and ovary were positioned before had moved. No longer pressing on my bowel or whatever nerves it was hitting. So I had surgery in June and she removed my entire ovary !!

My cyst was complex as well and I can tell you that even though those are the ones they are more suspicious about seeing as though simple cysts means no chance of cancer , a good ultrasound tech can almost always tell what "kind" of complex cyst it is. Never a 100 % assurance until they go in and the cyst is actually goes to the lab. So I would just do as your doc says , go back in a month to see if it has grown any or is gone . If it starts growing rapidly then they may opt to remove it. If it stays the same and causes you pain , though I did not do the birth control option either , you may want to try for a few months just to see if it shrinks it because at this point it is so small !

Good luck to you and keep me updated !

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