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[QUOTE=mmeye00;4705385]Hi! I am new and just joined today. I am 26 years old and terrified right now. I just went for a colposcopy Friday after having an abnormal pap. My doctor came in saying that my pap was suspicious and that they were going to be doing biopsies. She then talked to me about cervical cancer. She said that I do not have cervical cancer today but if the biopsy agrees with the pap then we will have to get those cells out of there. I am scared because my doctor didn't tell me about anything what she saw during the colposcopy. She just told me that she would call me as soon as we got the results. I'm just wondering if she didn't say anything because she saw something bad. I know they say not to worry, but how can you not. I am worried to death because I am young and have no children yet. I am terrified of not being able to have children. We have been trying to have a baby for 6 months with no luck and now this. Any advice of feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks![/QUOTE]

I'm sorry your doctor didn't communicate with you more clearly.
If you have an abnormal PAP, but do not yet have cancer (as your doctor has stated), then you have dysplasia, which is precancerous cells on your cervix, caused by the hpv virus.

There are several different levels or stages of dysplasia- mild, moderate, severe- and it could be that your doctor can't tell you which stage you have until after the results of your biopsy come back.

If the dysplasia is mild, often no treatment will be given. Instead, your doctor will simply recommend frequent PAPs, like every 3 or 4 months. This is because your immune system will typically get rid of the hpv virus in a year to 18 months, after which your symptoms will stop and the abnormal cells will revert back to normal. In fact, mild dysplasia reverts back to normal, even without treatment, in over 90% of cases.

If your dysplasia is moderate or severe, your doctor will want to remove the abnormal cells so that they don't turn into cancer years from now.
This will be be done with LEEP or a cone biopsy. Both are simple office procedures, and are very effective at getting rid of dysplasia.
The abnormal cells will be removed until you get "clear margins".... meaning that all the precancerous tissue has been removed, and only healthy tissue remains.

This should not prevent you from having children later in life.
These procedures are unbelievable common, and most if not almost all women who have them go on to have children later.
If a lot of tissue is taken from your cervix, it could increase your risk of preterm birth, because your cervix is not strong enough to stay closed until your due date.
But I think this is a rare potential side effect of LEEP. Few women encounter any problems having healthy pregnancies after LEEP.
And if you are one of the unfortunate women who is left with an incompetent cervix, there are ways to have a healthy, full-term pregnancy anyway. The doctor can put some stitches- called a circlage- in your cervix early in your pregnancy, so that it won't dilate prematurely. Then when it's time to deliver the baby, the stitches can be removed.

That is a worst case scenario. ^
In fact, only very, very rarely do women have any trouble at all having children after LEEP.
The doctor will not remove any more tissue than he or she has to, in order to get rid of the precancerous cells.

So, all you can do right now is wait for the results of your biopsy. Based on those results, your doctor will decide upon a course of action.
Hopefully, your dysplasia is only mild, will require only watchful waiting, and will regress on its own after a year or so.
But if it is severe, don't worry. This is a common condition, and doctors are adept at treating it without doing any permanent damage to the patient's reproductive organs.

Best of luck! let us know how it goes.

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