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I've been reading all the messages about LEEP and the pain and bleeding issues that some of you have had and thought I would share my experience also.
I had the LEEP procedure March 7th, 2011. My Dr. put me to sleep in the hospital and when I woke up I wasn't really in too much pain.. maybe a little cramping thatís its. After the surgery I experienced light pink bleeding that went away by the 2nd day. The next day I tried to take it easy but the rest of the week I was on my feet working and doing family things. By Friday I had light pink bleeding again and I was a little concerned but knew from my Dr that I would see spotting when the scab falls off the next week. As the weekend went on the bleeding got heavier and heavier. Every time I stood up I was getting gushes of bright red blood, filling a pad every 1.5 to 2 hours if on my feet. I was concerned as Monday rolled around (a week from surgery) and it was getting worse. I called the Dr. he said that heavy bleeding as heavy as a period is not normal and I went in today to get checked on. He applied the solution that helps to cauterize the open wound, which was one of the most painful experiences, I left and now I'm seeing a yellow watery discharge, which makes me happy because the bleeding has slowed.

I hope this is it for the bleeding part. After reading all these stories about it going on and on, I'm nervous that the worst has not yet come for me with this recovery. Can anyone share a similar story where maybe they were fixed after getting this solution applied again? haha Thanks ladies, I hate to see so many women going through such terrible stuff, but itís good to know that we are not alone with this weird GYNO issues that we go through.

Thank you:dizzy:

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