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Hi, kids. I'm 24. Just back from my first colposcopy. My pap indicated CINIII, and my doctor said he's pretty sure that's accurate & he didn't see anything worse today. He took two biopsies & an ECC today, and he said he'll most likely recommend a LEEP after we get the results back.

I came back to work and started reading message boards. Productive, right? Y'all's posts are great, but I have a few (lots) of questions/concerns....

[B]Should I look for a new doctor?[/B]
My doctor was 50 minutes late for my coloscopy today. I'm really not especially comfortable with him. I wonder if I should look for someone else to take it from this point or if I should just put my head down, power through & let him do his thing. He has great reviews everywhere online, but I just haven't really enjoyed our interactions. Would it be too much of a pain or delay things at this point if I wanted to find another doctor, and if so, how do I even go about that? Do I schedule my own LEEP with another doctor? That just seems strange to me. I may have asked him some of these other questions if I'd felt up to it. Alas....

[B]What do biopsy test results sound like?[/B]
Today it sounded like they'll call me back & jut say, "Yeah, we're pretty sure this is CINIII, now lets schedule your LEEP." Is that how that phone call will go? Should I ask anything else about the results? Technically, what do I need to know about the results & what happens from here?

[B]How will the procedure go?[/B]
I've read a lot about this, and this is honestly the least of my worries. I have a pretty okay pain threshold. I am a big freaker-outer/worrier. In y'all's experience has any kind of pre-LEEP medication like Valium been worth it? If I'm super freaked out is it worth being put completely under for? If I decide to just go with the local anesthesia, should I have someone there with me? My mom has already said she really wants to go, but I think I'd rather it be my boyfriend if anyone. I feel like I can handle this by myself. The boy hasn't offered yet, but we'll see. Did y'all go alone or not? What should I do?

[B]It's gonna suck afterwords, right?[/B]
I feel like I've read enough about this. I'll be bummed to deal with the bleeding/discharge/cramps & not to be able to have sex, exercise or take a bath for A MONTH. I love all of those things. Any ideas to make myself feel better about it are much appreciated.

[B]What do LEEP results mean?[/B]
I understand that they send whatever cells/tissue they collect to be tested again, but does this really matter if the point of the LEEP is to REMOVE it? What do these results indicate other than what WAS wrong before the LEEP? The only action after that is a post-op visit & regular paps, right?

Is there anything else I'm missing or anything else I should know? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks, ladies.
I had a LEEP done in Feb of 2009. Some things hopefully to ease your worry:

How will the procedure go?
I had mine done at the hospital and actually I ended up making myself a nervous wreck and felt more queasy and shaky on my legs AFTER the procedure than before. I had local anesthetic and outside of that I didn't/couldn't feel anything. Yes it felt weird but I had a relatively large piece of my cervix cut away because of multiple points of AIS found during the colpo.

I didn't take valium before (and I am a dentist wimp - I was able to handle this better than going to the dentist office!). If you are super freaked out - it can't hurt, but really if you have an ok pain threshold you will be fine. I was alone for the LEEP but two really awesome nurses who took care of me and my ob/gyn. Seriously 5-10 min its all over.

As for "sucking" afterwords. My bleeding and discharge lasted for about two weeks but had no cramps. You have to make sure that you let the area heal - that is why its no no for baths and sex. I was told that I could exercise lightly if the bleeding wasn't to bad and I felt up to it.

With LEEP results - you want clear margins. With mine I had clear margins but my diagnosis was non-invasive AIS.

As to follow-up. I am at that point now. I changed ob/gyns after my LEEP and first followup pap because while his bedside manner was actually pretty good, I wasn't getting the whole picture when it came to biopsy and pap results. After I started getting copies of all of the labs, I managed to put the big picture together. I understand that medicine is by far an absolute science, and I went from normal paps for 14 yrs to ASCUS/AIS in one year. He didn't give the abnormalities a name, but after I got my med records, that is when I found out the diagnosis. I switched to a highly recommended ob/gyn (older woman) who I now absolutely ADORE. Her bedside manner is amazing and its because I am high risk and have been treated before that she wants to leave nothing left to doubt in case the most recent pap missed anything.

I had paps done every 4 months for the first year and they were all clear. Switched to six months last year (had two) and they were both clearly. Had my yearly two weeks ago and while it came back normal, the HPV test came back positive for the same strain that was found two years ago.

I go back for a followup colpo on the 13th of the month. Am I a bit nervous, you bet... but I'll take it as it comes along.

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