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Ultrasound concerns
Apr 12, 2011
This past friday I went in for an external ultrasound for pain in my right pelvic region. Having had a child via c-section and having Tubal Ligation done 7 years ago I figured it was just scar tissue.
During the external ultrasound the tech had an issue seeing around my right ovary and asked if she could do a transvaginal ultrasound. At the time I brushed it off and agreed. But as she did the second ultrasound she started taking more images than the first and went stone faced. Even made a point to tell me the results would be sent by the next wednesday to my doctor.
Now after a weekend the not knowing is getting to me, and yes I started looking online and checking out every possibilty.

My symptoms are tired, pelvic pain during ovulation and menstration (which last up to 8 days with lots of cloting) and recently after sex. Periods of bloating that can cause up to a 8 lb weight gain.

Wondering if I should be worried? And could this possibly be ovarian cancer?

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