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If you don't want to wait, you could always just... go to a new doctor, get a new pap smear, and see what they say. You don't have to reveal that you're supposed to be "waiting" six months for your next pap, etc. It's within your rights to get one NOW, if that's what you want.

An abnormal pap will reveal various levels of abnormality.
The mildest level- I believe it's called ASCUS (stands for "something-something cells of unknown significance") is very common, is often [B]not[/B] caused by hpv and will not lead to cervical cancer or to a higher level of abnormality, nearly always clears up on its own, and is often caused by a minor infection or inflammation.

You should at least contact your doctor's office and ask whether your latest abnormal pap was an ASCUS pap. If it was, you have little to worry about. it's not significant, and if it weren't for your recent troubles with hpv and CIN, they probably wouldn't even tell you to come back for a repeat in six months; they'd just tell you to come to your next normal appointment in a year.
If your doctor can tell you whether your pap was ASCUS, that should set your mind at ease considerably. An ASCUS pap combined with a negative hpv test is not considered dangerous. It's almost certainly the result of some minor infection that will clear up on its own.

Best of luck.

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