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Need some HELP/ is my story...Had biopsy done on 4/11/11 went back to Gyno 4/25 for results...He says to me that i have moderate cervical dysplasia on outter cervix! (OMG) by the way first time bad reading on a pap since i was 16years old and now am 38...then he goes on to tell me that the inner cervix has high grade lesion (cin 2) in glandluar? ( I panicking at that point thinking cancer) which runs very concurrent in my family! I said with tears rolling down "okay" what do we do? He says well you have 2 options one is the LEEP or we can do a partial hysterectmy since your 38 and probably not planning on having any kids! I said uhhhhhhh well... Whats the ratios of options...He says OH there both the same 85% chance of NON-reoccurance and 15% chance comming back! Now im REALLY bewildered... I said what? ummmmmm lets see EVASIVE surgery or not so much evasive and there the same ratios? Not following that...He said not sure thats the statistics! He tells me you go home think about it and my office will call in a few days! a few days pass the surgical scheduler calls says i have a couple dates to run by you for your hysterectmy! Im like WHAT!! That wasnt discussed so i go into my options with her she said well sounds like your in denial you will have to come back for another surgical consultation! Went back yesterday went over this AGAIN i chose the LEEP procedure. He looks at me and says well dont be surprised if your lesion comes back from the pathologist as cancer! Okay NOW i feel real sick unsure of my decision and am completely STRESSED out! Any advice or comments would be so helpful at this point! truley, deeply, scared.
I hate your doctor. Please get a new one for a 2nd diagnosis. :(

I had CIN2/3 and after LEEP came out with clear margins. The truth is that all these test are diagnostic tools, and no one is going to know for sure what the results are going to be! He can't assure your lesions will be gone after the hysterectomy, so what is your gyno's point!! I didn't think I'd even need a LEEP after my Colpo. That's why all these tests serve as diagnostic tools. Obviously he sees more cases of HPV then we can even talk about. So if he IS speaking from experience- i.e. patients that are just like you same life style, same age, same risk factors, then he should speak FROM SPECIFIC EXPERIENCES. The delivery was all wrong!! Gynos should not intimidate you like that!


Do what ever feels best for you. Don't feel intimidated into something you're not sold on.
Your medical personnel sound truly horrible. I don't suppose you could take your business elsewhere? As to the dilemma, I would think that they see the LEEP is a stopgap measure, meaning, they are saying that you can try LEEP but it may not be sufficient. It's sort of a low risk, $1000 gamble. That's why he was saying, ok, but don't be surprised if it comes back cancerous, because he thinks that your dysplasia is severe enough that it the LEEP won't be able to solve the problem and you'll end up having the hysterectomy anyway. It might be worth getting a second opinion, but that might be the information you need to decide what you want to do. They are rude, though, no doubt about that. Hugs.

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