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I am 17 years old. Lately I have been bleeding abnormally. My Periods have always been "Not right" but it has never been a problem for me but I just got off my period about a week ago and started bleeding a few days ago. I went to my DR and he asked all the questions and he just said it sounded like a yeast infection. He also asked if i had any Vaginal discharge. I just said no because at that moment I didnt. I have had it in the past but I thought it was normal. After talking to my DR about cervical cancer and any other possible reasons for this bleeding I got a little bit scared. I have researched symptomes of Cervical cancer and I have many of them. I am only 17 and not sexually active so I am scared to go back and get the exam. I guess I just need to know if i really need to, If this could really be cancer... Please help!!!
No, it is absolutely not possible for you, a 17-year-old virgin, to have cervical cancer.
The symptoms of cervical cancer are nonspecific (meaning they are the same symptoms as a lot of other conditions), therefore having symptoms of cervical cancer means nothing.
Keep seeing your doctor until you get to the bottom of what's going on.
Best of luck.
You should go to a gyno and see what's up. It's not cancer. The chances are so small as to be approaching zero, as in medical miracle small. If you have an infection, though, or something, you should get it cleared up so it doesn't cause you grief later.
I had many of those problems for years when I was that age... I don't mean to sound crude but you have a foul smell down there as well?? If you are not sexually active, and do not take birth control, it may be an ovarian cysts, but DO NOT TAKE THAT AS A POSSIBILTY. Just simply see your doctor and he will get to the bottom of things. The chances of you having cancer are extremely slim, even more so as a virgin in that area. If you have concerns talk to your parents or whoever takes care of you, they will be able to give you more insight than a online health board will. :)
have you had a pap smear?
that's the diagnostic test for cervical cancer
I'm pretty sure it's gonna come back negative (no cancer)
PAPs aren't even recommended until a woman is 18-21 [B]or[/B] sexually active.
I suppose if she pesters her doctor enough, she can probably get one to set her mind at ease, but the reason they aren't recommended for 17 year old virgins is because such people are at [B]no risk[/B] for cervical cancer.

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