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Dear all,
I am still waiting for doc office to schedule my CKC. I got an abnormal pap this month followed by abnormal result from colposcopy. I get paps every year, this was first time I had an abnormal one.
Doc was somewhat surprised by what was found from colposcopy, I think because before that procedure she only talked about maybe haing to do a LEEP, but hardly mentioned CKC. Also, when we went over results she looked mildly surprised by fact that she saw cells (with more than 5 strands of DNA in there!). (she and I have a very long history together and lots of rapport).

So- symptoms. I have an IUD so I have not had a period, or period symptoms in years.
Starting about 2 months ago- vaginal discharge- increased, reminding me of when I was pregnant.
I thought it'd just go away and got so distracted by abnormal PAP I forgot to metion it to my gyo.
Next symptom: for the first time ever I experienced pain during intercourse last week.
Next symptom: cramps, cramps, cramps. At times these feel like braxton hicks of pregnancy. Accompanied by lower back pain- which is just a dull constant pain.

I wonder if such symptoms merit me asking for earlier date of CKC, or should I just try and relax?
Are these symptoms?
I don't know if my head is just playing games with me and it is a sort of self fullfilling prophecy.

How many of you have had symptoms like these?

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