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I haven't been pregnant but was also diagnosed with HPV in 09' - pap clear. In 10' my pap came back abnormal so I had a colp which showed CIN1. My doctor & I decided to wait. This second colpo showed CINII and a larger transformation zone - so she recommended a cold knife cone. I had a second opinion and the gyn onc agreed with what my original dr. had suggested. I just spoke to her today and she was talking to her friend who is an oncologist & who recommended going the LEEP route with CINII. So looks like I will be having a LEEP soon. My dr. wants to do it at the OR with general anesthesia (fine by me). One of my good friends had a LEEP and said it was fine. I'll come back and repost my experiences with the leep in the next two weeks.

best of luck.

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