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If I were in your shoes, I would:

1. ensure that I had no more pregnancies by getting a tubal ligation, and

2. have another LEEP or as many more as are necessary, and

3. continue to have my condition monitored closely by my doctor and insist that he treat CIN swiftly and aggressively (none of this "watch and wait" BS) so that it never reaches stage 3 again, and

4. consult with alternative medical practitioners about natural, homeopathic ways to strengthen and support your immune system, so that you can beat this virus once and for all.

Well, hey, you asked. :D

The reason I would not have any more pregnancies if I were you is that you say you're satisfied with your one child, it sounds like your pregnancy was brutally difficult, and [I]any[/I] pregnancy takes a toll on your immune system. A weakened immune system is exactly what you [I]don't[/I] need, as you struggle against the HPV virus.
Also, perhaps because of hormones, CIN tends to develop much more quickly during pregnancy, and they can't really treat it until afterward, so... why take that risk? You don't want to risk developing CIN 3 again during pregnancy and then having to wait 6 or 7 months to treat it, by which point it might have progressed to invasive cancer.

The reason I would not advise hysterectomy in your case is that you seem to have an active and virulent case of HPV, which keeps returning despite your attempts to shake it.
Having your cervix and uterus removed will not change this.
If your cervix is gone, the HPV may simply start attacking the tissues of your vagina instead. Have you ever heard of VIN (Vulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia)? Look it up and do some research on it. You [I]don't[/I] want to have this problem.
Far better to keep your cervix and deal with repeated episodes of CIN, at least in my opinion.
A LEEP is not so bad, compared with having to get parts of your vagina and vulva removed because they're turning cancerous, which is what might happen if you didn't have a cervix to take the brunt of the HPV assault.

So anyway, those are my suggestions.
Whatever you choose to do, best of luck to you, and congratulations on your son. It sounds like you're a fighter, and I'm sure you'll get through this.
Take care!

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