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Well, the idea that CIN could disappear and then pop up decades later- because of cryo or for any other reason- is just silly.
CIN is caused by the HPV virus, and follows a well-documented, progressive course.
Of course it's possible that cryo might not get it all... just as it's possible that LEEP or a cone biopsy might not get it all, or that the HPV infection might not clear, causing CIN to develop again.
But if that were the case, the CIN would return quickly, probably within six months or a year. It would not go into remission for thirty years, only to return as invasive cancer. Nothing that is currently understood about HPV and CIN suggests that this could happen.

There is nothing about cryo that would cause CIN and HPV to go into remission for decades and then suddenly return with a vengeance.
The virus simply does not behave in that way, no matter what method one uses to treat it.

Please do not worry about this.
I am currently typing via mobile phone so I will cite the exact texts later, but I was curious to know what are the exact causes of mild dysplasia, CIN 1 progressing onto CIN 2/3? I just read another article explaining that women, over the age of 40, previously diagnosed even with low grade CIN 1, were more likely to experience either recurrence or dysplasia with higher grade of 2 or 3 within two to six years AFTER initial cryo treatment.

What is it about the treatment which encourages recurrence and/or increase in the overall CIN grade?

again, I realize the ultimate conclusion is those with CIN 1 are better off not being treated and taking a "wait and see" approach instead, and that most doctors are doing this, but I am still curious to know if and why Cryo overall is a reverse productive, even harmful method of treatment in the long run, particularly for older women.

More thoughts and experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.

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