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Colposcopy doesn't hurt at all... I think they just put some vinegar solution on your cervix and then look at it under magnification... when the solution is applied, any diseased tissue will turn white. At any rate, it doesn't [I]hurt[/I]; I don't recall it feeling like anything.
I'll be honest, the biopsy did hurt me. It felt like a punch in the gut, like a very deep, intense cramp. But then it's over, and you're fine. it just takes a minute. You might be slightly crampy for the rest of the day, but nothing major.
I had low-grade CIN (this was over 25 years ago) successfully treated with cryo.
To me, the biopsy was the very worst part of the whole ordeal... even the cryo wasn't worse than that.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Some women say the biopsy doesn't hurt, but I think most will admit it's- at the very least- uncomfortable.
But it's over quickly, and it's necessary, so you need to do it.
And keep in mind that the biopsy may well be the worst of it. Whatever treatment you end up needing may be less painful than the biopsy.

Best of luck.

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