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[QUOTE=Kali333;4784808]Glad you got that figured out!
I would not advise waiting until September to treat CIN2, but it's your call.
Your doctor can "clear" you to do so, but cannot guarantee that your CIN will not progress before then.
If there's any possible way you could have your LEEP sooner, that would be better. My understanding is that recovery from LEEP is only a day or two; I've even heard of women going back to work immediately after LEEP (same day).
Wouldn't you enjoy your trip more knowing this was taken care of?

Anyway, whatever you decide, best wishes.[/QUOTE]

Well, there are a lot of things to consider....

I have had a conversation with my doctor and done much research myself, and CIN 2 can take years to progress to cancer, and it's a very small area that's affected. Regarding recovery from LEEP... yes, some women recover very quickly, and some bleed heavily and experience pain for three weeks or more after the procedure. Also, if there are any complications with the procedure or my recovery, I will be out of the country and away from my doctor. So, no, I do not think I would enjoy my trip more if I had the procedure before I go. Not to mention that this is a semester abroad for a graduate program at Johns Hopkins, so it's not like I can just take a day off if I'm not feeling well or postpone the trip. I will be scheduled and working from 7am to 9pm daily with no breaks. That doesn't leave any time to rest up while I'm recovering from the procedure.

I also want time to research all treatment options and make the best decision for me. My current doctor wants to to a cryo because of my age and potential issues with pregnancy after LEEPs, but I'm not having children ( I have 3 step kids, and I've never had any desire to birth one of my own), most people don't have problems conceiving until after their third LEEP and this will be my first, and I want to make sure we get it all the first time around. I have heard too many horror stories of women receiving false positives after a cryo because the good cells grow over the bad ones. Reoccurance is also more likely after a cryo, and sooner. I also may end up going with another doctor. My current doctor, who I love, does all outpatient procedures in his office with nothing for pain. I want to be out for this. I don't want to remember a thing. Take me to a surgical center and wake me up when it's done!

So, I am going to London in a week. When I get back in August, I'm getting married. Then, I will treat my CIN, and after I have plenty of down time to fully recover, I am taking a honeymoon.

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