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I had my annual exam a week ago and this past Thursday I heard from my doctor that the results showed severe adenocarcinoma in situ. He told me that due to the severity he is sending me to a gynecological oncologist at MD Anderson. I've done a little reading and my concern is that the cancer showed up in the PAP and not in a biopsy. He didn't say the cells were abnormal, he said they were cancerous. It also concerns me that he made sure I knew it was severe...several times. I asked him how it was treated and his first response was to have a hysterectomy. So I get all this news on Thursday to sit and think about over the long weekend. Lovely.

My question is how concerned should I be that my doctor was able to see the severity of the adenocarcinoma from my PAP results? They are also moving very fast on this whole issue. I got a call from my doctor and he said that his nurse would call as soon as the paperwork was completed and sent to MD Anderson. That phone call came 5 minutes after the call from my doctor. I am supposed to hear back tomorrow and they are going to get me the first available appointment.

It's all a bit overwhelming and unnerving. I do have HPV, I've had one abnormal PAP before and then went back every six months until I had consecutive normal results. My test last year was normal and my doctor was concernced by this drastic change in so little time.

Living in Houston it freaks me out that he is wanting to send me to MD Anderson. For me, and many cancer survivors I know, MD Anderson is for people who have cancer that is rare, untreatable or fatal. I know that's crazy, but knowing how difficult it is to get into a doctor at Anderson makes this all the more worrisome for me.

I didn't mean to write so much, I just don't have anyone to talk to. I've had girlfriends who have had squamous carcinoma or other abnormalities that have been treated or removed at their gynocologists' office and not by an oncologist. I'm just a little freaked. Any words of advice or wisdom would be great!

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