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First of all, a colposcopy doesn't hurt. It causes less discomfort than a PAP.
The doctor will apply a vinegar solution to your cervix, and then examine it under magnification. Any precancerous lesions will turn white when this solution is applied, and the doctor will be able to see them.

Now, if the doctor sees a suspicious area during the colposcopy, he might take a sample of the tissue- punch biopsy, it's called.
I won't lie, it's a bit painful, but it only takes a second. And the doctor won't do a biopsy without [I]telling[/I] you first... so, expect NO pain from the colposcopy, and expect quick, slight pain if the doctor tells you he sees something he wants to biopsy.

I'm not sure why the doctor doesn't just give you an HPV test? I know they don't like to do them on women under 35, but it seems warranted in your case.

Your ASCUS pap results could be caused by inflammation or chronic infection, or they could be caused by HPV-related CIN (abnormal cells/ precancerous lesions).
The colposcopy will be your chance to find out.
If it [I]is[/I] HPV-related CIN, it's reassuring that it hasn't progressed at all, from one PAP to the next.
Even if it's low-grade CIN, it will likely clear up on its own, but the doctor will take a number of factors into account when deciding whether it's time to treat it; these factors will include your age, how long the CIN has persisted, what level of CIN it is, etc.

Remember, this is nothing unusual; one out of four women receive abnormal PAP results and have to go through- at [I]least[/I]- colposcopy and biopsies, at some point in their lives.
It's a very common and routine gynecological procedure, one that many of your female friends and relatives have no doubt undergone. It's just that women don't usually like to talk about it, so nobody realizes how common it is.

You'll be fine! Good luck.
Thanks for the reply. I'm still nervous, but it makes me feel a little better. I'm going into this assuming there will be a biopsy or the very least, just to prepare myself.
[QUOTE=orangeena;4799427]Thanks for the reply. I'm still nervous, but it makes me feel a little better. I'm going into this assuming there will be a biopsy or the very least, just to prepare myself.[/QUOTE]

It's quite likely... they usually seem to feel the need to do at least one, perhaps so that the colposcopy doesn't seem like a colossal waste of everyone's time, lol. Actually, I think they'd just rather be safe than sorry, so even if they don't see anything very suspicious, they'll take a biopsy anyway.
It's for the best, really. Imagine how great you'll feel if you have a biopsy and it comes back negative. or maybe it'll come back showing that you have mild CIN, and don't need any treatment, just continued monitoring.
Knowing is always better than not knowing, especially with this sort of thing. You can't let cancer sneak up on you; you've got to be proactive, and it sounds like you are.

Good luck!
ASC-H means abnormal squamus cells with possible HSIL (high-grade lesions).
Yeah, they'll definitely want to do a colposcopy now.
I would push for one as soon as possible- push for biopsies, whether or not they see anything abnormal, and possibly even push for a LEEP procedure or a cone biopsy (which is diagnostic as well as therapeutic- curative, in most cases).
It is [I]your[/I] health, and it is ultimately [I]your[/I] responsibility to get to the bottom of this, to find out what's going on.

I can promise you that no little outpatient procedure could possibly be worse than doing nothing and waiting month after month for PAP results that keep coming back abnormal. That will drive you bananas after awhile.
Better to be proactive.

Best of luck to you!

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