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Hello All,

This is my first post. I am extremely down and frightened beyond belief. :( I was living a perfectly normal life. I am relatively a healthy person, I excersize, I do not smoke and never have. I usually eat well, and i do take some vitamins like Vitamin A, Ester C, D, B12 & occassionally E and have taken some Folic Acid at times. I have been married for 2 years, been in my relationship for over 6 years, with no children and i am 29. I am planning to have children one day, and obviously with my situation i am seriously scared, and concerned about my life.

Late last year i had a pap which came back with a-typical results and possible HPV. Long story short, one pap led to another and then off to a specialist for a Colop, it turned out I have HPV (not sure which strain) and i had HGSIL on cervix which was extremely scary. I am in the process of finding out which level of CIN i had, and i know it was moderate to severe the first time around. The Doc confirmed i needed a LEEP. I was in shock, the Colo/Bio was painful. I had the LEEP, it was not too bad (The worst was waiting and reading about it prior to actually having it done ). He told me he is conservative with the LEEP procedures in order to protect my cervix for the future. Apparently it went well, with clear margins and the bioped cells were beneign. My Doc is a very well renound Doc, and i trust his judgement. He said he would cure me. Obviously with plenty of research i understand he means he would get rid of the bad cells.

I waited for a few months and went for my follow up Pap. I never heard back from them for a while, and felt a little relief. Until the Horrifying call i received from the Doc. He said i needed to come back for a Colop again. The results were not good. I went back yeaterday and after another painful Colop, he immediately said he could see the lesion and was almost in shock as to seeing it so easily. He said it was at 6 o'clock. I was in fear, pain and shock all at once and i am almost certain he said its CIN III! OMG, i was crying and still am sickened and so disturbed about the results. He told me i need another LEEP as soon as poss. He asked about my birth control pill time table, and scheduled me for another LEEP after my next period ( in approx 30 days ). I am so scared. I have been reading alot about HPV, CIN Levels, and everything relating to this. I also have started to look into natural remedies for Immune support such a Betta Mannan and Indole 3 Carbinol. I am aware that CIN III is extremely serious, so I will 99% be having another LEEP to remove the cells. This time around I want to be much better prepared. I want to have MAX immune health. I want to be able to live my life without this constantly recurring.. I am so worried about my internal health down there. I have so many fears now. Will this go on forever? After all i have read i really dont know what to do. I keep thingking about it, and keep imagining the worst case scenario of a Hyst, not being able to have children or even Cancer. I will be finding out as much as I can about my case... Which HPV i have, first location on Cervix of bad cells, original CIN level, type of LEEP, how it healed and such. Also CIN level of this second bad cells, location and more. Any Advice would be appreciated. I want to fight, but feel like i have no control... I am totally devastated & so is my devoted & loving husband.

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