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I am scheduled for a hysterectomy in a couple of weeks. I just made the decision a few days ago. The whole business began after a routine Pap smear came back abnormal in April '11-- a first for me, and I keep up with them as I should. I am 50, almost 51 years old and have had two children who are now in their early 20s. I am otherwise healthy and at a healthy weight.

I also have had uterine fibroids for probably 7-8 years now but they haven't given me much trouble at all. One however, outside the uterus on a stalk, has grown to 7cm in diameter which is rather impressive. I also have several small ones inside the uterus, whether inside the lining/walls or on the outside of the lining, I don't know. Fibroids are harmless in themselves and much more common than many women realize.

I was hoping menopause would come along b/c that tends to shrink the fibroids and that's what the docs were hoping too (my former gyno didn't get excited about them at all), but then this abnormal glandular cell pap result came in 8 months ago. My new gyno (I moved within the last two years and changed docs) did extra testing. First I had a colposcopy/scraping. It was negative. Then I had an ultrasound to look at the lining of my uterus. It looked thicker than normal, so next she did a hysteroscopy and I guess an endometrial biopsy b/c she thought one of the "fibroids" might be a lesion so that's where she tried to get the biopsy. This, too, was negative.

At this point she said I could have a hysterectomy or I could wait and do another Pap in six months. She said the initial abnormal results could be from a bunch of different causes which is why glandular abnormalities are more worrisome -- they could be an indication of cancer, but also could be from inflammation. I tend to be a "wait and see" person, esp. since I wasn't having any issues other than some bloating/pressure from the larger fibroid or from being perimenopausal. Also I think that I got it into my head that somehow this abnormal reading was caused by my fibroids -- but that was incorrect.

I came back in October, 6 months later, for another Pap smear. The doc said that if this came back abormal, she definitely recommended the hysterectomy. But it came back negative.

Even so, I decided to get a second opinion, and my former gyno agreed to see me again. She put the whole matter into a different light for me by saying that on a Worry scale of 1-10, abnormal glandular cells would be a 9 for her before the extra tests, but a 1 or a 2 now as long as I kept checking. And that fibroids have nothing to do with my pap smear results. That mildly freaked me out!

I decided then and there that 'two wrongs make a right' -- one weird Pap smear + my fibroids = one old, lumpy, grumpy and unpredictable, also unneeded, uterus = get 'er outta there!

So I'm doing it...gulp...but I feel at peace about it since I believe the risk of surgery is less than the risk of doing nothing at this point. Esp. as former doc knows new doc and recommends her highly. I'd appreciate any feedback or advice I can get although it seems most of you on this thread are younger/still in childbearing years so your situation is different from mine. Thanks for listening and hang in there everyone! We are not alone, are we?

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