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I am sorry your having such a hard time..I had my Leep 3 weeks ago and I just stopped bleeding yesterday. I would go from heavy to light every couple of days and the cramps are still there. I would recommend contacting your OB if your bleeding heavy on a daily basis. I actually called my doctor last week because I was filling up 3 pads per night (scary, I know). They wanted to see me, but I opted to wait until my post-op, which was only 2 days later. The bleeding had subsided by then. I am cramping at this moment and SO ready for my body to feel normal again. I feel like my body has no idea if I'm on my period or not and I have been having menstration symptoms for week. It hasn't been fun.
I am no medical professional, but I have been reading a lot of personal experiences with the LEEP, and it seems that most everyone experiences the cramping and bleeding for a while after the procedure. I have been dealing with this mess since June and my body is completely disoriented. It all started with my first biopsy and now with the LEEP...on top of that, I just found out that I my LEEP results came back as CIS and I have wait another two months to find out if I will need another surgery to remove the remaining cancer cells. I am a basket case right now. This waiting game is aweful.
I know how emotionally and physically draining this can be....I hope I helped just a little bit!

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