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jenna, do you know what the results of your ECC were? Mine was negative for AIS and malignancy but indicated that abnormal glandular cells of endocervical origin were present. Not a really bad result. But there was never any suggestion of just doing another ECC later. Maybe your ECC results indicate only very low level abnormalities? I know with squamous cell abnormalities they can revert back to normal, that's why they don't act on them as quickly. But I don't know if that happens with glandular cell abnormalities. I wish there was information available regarding how fast glandular cell abnormalities progress to cancer and a better way of determining the extent of what is there.

I know how you feel, when you say you have no one to talk about this with... Its pretty rare. I'm only my drs second patient with AIS. When I got the results of my hyst that meant I'd had AIS twice, the receptionist said I should go buy a lottery ticket! There are a couple of other ladies on here who have dealt with AIS, and there's some good info if you dig. But I haven't seen any recent posts from them in awhile.

I think in your case, I might go seeking a second opinion. However you go about that in our health care system... Try to find someone with experience treating AIS? Good luck!

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