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Hi, my situation is a little different from yours. I am 29 & NO HPV. I have my paps yearly (I never miss one). This past June, I went in for my yearly pap and for the first time, it was abnormal. The pap results showed HGSIL, so that's when my doctor scheduled my colpo and biopsy. The Biopsy came back as CIN III and I had my LEEP/CONE a month ago today. Two weeks ago I recieved my LEEP results back and it showed up as CIS. (Carcinoma-in-situ) My margins were also unclear, meaning that my doctor doesn't think ALL of the cells were removed. I am scheduled for my follow up on the 24th of October and will find out if I need another surgery.
From this being said, my cervical changes took place within ONE year where I went from normal to CIS. Unfortunately, you are still in an early stage of testing. The colpo and biopsy will give you a more detailed look at what you are dealing with. I have been dealing with this since June, had one surgery, and still in a waiting game.
The best advice that I can give you at this point is to try your best not to assume the worst. I am so sorry that you are going through this, and I don't want my story to scare you because everyone's body is differant and responds in a differant way. Just try and be patient and do not assume anything until you have test results in hand.
I will continue to think about you and would like to know how everything works out.

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