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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer age 32, and in a whirlwind of surgery and treatment, and hope of survival, never really thought why I may have been in situation to start with. 5 years on and finally released by hospital with all clear, am still wondering why me, when I have a cancer free family history.
Hello, I saw your post and thought I would stop and just let you know you are not alone. It's scary just to hear the word cancer. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer at the age of 36 and during my radical hyster the dr found cervical cancer as well. Funny becasue I never even had an abnormal pap. As for your why me question, family history really is not that much of an indicator for cervical cancer because it is caused by HPV and a family history of cancer is really not a factor. Why hpv turns into cancer for some and not others will forever be a mystery I'm sure. If I read your post correctly, you just hit your 5 year mark - yea for you. I am at the 4 year mark and I'm actually going through a scare of wondering if I have had a reoccurrence. Pet scan was positive in the rectal area, but nothing is actually seen at this time. Oncologist has decided to wait and see. Not a fun time, I feel like I'm just waiting for it to grow large enough to see. It may just be a false positive, but not knowing is enough to drive a perosn crazy. Well, I wish you the best of luck.
I too had cervical cancer, diagnosed at 36. It was so scarey to hear the word cancer, but my oncologist said if you could pick your cancer, cervical is the one to choose. Just because you have had cervical doesn't put you at a higher risk for other cancers. Did you have a radical hysterectomy? I did, but kept my ovaries. Do watch for early menopause. Apparantly it is quite common even with ovaries. I am 42 now and in full on menopause. We are lucky to be survivors!!! Much luck
I am 36 yrs old and too exhausted to re-write my whole deal. My former obgyn SUCKED!!! I was bleeding after sex for a few yrs, she finally did colposcopy in 2008 on cervix and said all was normal. I continued bleeding after sex and ended up BEGGING her to do HPV test and she finally agreed in 2010 and sure enough it came back positive high risk. She told me there is nothing you can do about it and that it would go away on it's own. She was very convincing. I begged her for HPV test b/c my good friend is now DYING from her obgyn blowing off her normal paps, bleeding after sex and high risk hpv. By the time her doc did colposcopy, her cancer had spread everywhere, including her BRAIN! she has 8 brain tumors now. Anyway, I have most of my med records from my former obgyn, after my mom had to get an attorney to get them. They STILL aren't releasing some of them??? anyway, my med records show my former obgyn found cervical lesions in 2008, high risk hpv diagnosed in 2010, now have ovarian masses and so many other abdominal stuff. Now convinced I have cancer,,,,was thinking if i did have it, it must be ovarian, but now thinking it started as cervical, if i have it. What symptoms did any of you have with cervical, ovarian and/or cancer of the Uterus??? Surgery this past june, due to "suspicious complex ovarian cyst" revealed stage 4 endometriosis everywhere, a total of 5 uterus, fallopian tubes and on both ovaries. One was a benign endometrioma (supposedly). It's ridiculous that patients have to be their own doctor, sometimes! Sooo many women don't realize how dangerous high risk HPV is! My other friend also had cervical cancer, but is now 3 yrs free of it. I have EVERY symptom of Ovarian Cancer, which are most of the same symptoms as Endometriosis which ONE obgyn said i have stage it (stage 4), but another obgyn is questioning my endometriosis diagnosis...ugh! CA-125 blood test wasn't elevated, but i hear that is not always acurate. Not trying to be downer, just educated! Me and my 2 friends who have cervical cancer NEVER have had an abnormal pap in our life, to this day! Do NOT rely on normal paps, when having certain symptoms. My newest doc told me paps have about a 65% accuracy. That is NOT enough for me! My mom had breast cancer and she's adopted so don't know her family history. My dad's side has breast cancer, but no other cancer.... I wonder how many women are told they have endometriosis when they really have cancer? Or, i guess you could have both. I'm just so sick of being sick and having to be my own doctor (they went to med school, not me). I have a history of depression, so any medical problem in life is ALWAYS written off by a few doc's as "stress/depression." Been bed-ridden since June b/c of abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue. I finally have a beyond thorough doc, but i saw him once, then he went out of town for a week.....he has me going to new obgyn tomor (due to recent ovarian masses on CT scan) and then I see my doc for 2nd time Tues. Sorry to ramble....i'm just so stressed and want answers! so bloated too....walking makes my pain soooo much worse, so literally been stuck in bed about 95% of the summer, since June. My bowels/bladder are messed up too....which is part of endometriosis and can be symptom with ovarian cancer. My immune system is way down and has been for almost a year. NO doc has figured that part out yet. If i have cancer, I just want to know so i can start fighting it while i have energy still, which isn't very often. Read my profile which now probably seems confusing, but i changed my mind a little after reading your girls posts about cervical/ovarian/Uterus cancers! also, endometriosis is not supposed to show up on any MRI, CT or ultrasound so not sure why everytime i get CT or Ultrasound, new complex cysts/masses are showing up all summer long. I never had ANY sign of endometriosis BEFORE my june surgery and that doc is claiming i have stage 4 endometriosis. I think that's weird! former obgyn's "watch and wait" approach is what landed me here! don't ever watch and wait more than a month, I've now been told by 4 obgyn's! (family friends in other states)

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