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Just got the results from my Colposcopy/biopsy: she took one tiny biopsy from the bottom part of my cervix and noted that everything LOOKED fine.

Here are the results : HGSIL..CIN2 and CIN3 - no Malignancy identified.
It also said something about possible glandular involvement.

It said 2 pathologists reviewed the results.

Now here are my questions...

1) What is the best option for treatment, LEEP or CONE ?

2) Should the doc also do an ECC with the next procedure whether it be LEEP or Cone?

3) How often do colposcopy/biopsy results NOT show the full extent of cell changes/or Invasive Cancer?

4) Is Actual Cervical Cancer usually diagnosed just by the Colposcopy Results or is it usually Diagnosed through further testing..LEEP or CONE????

I feel like the Colposcopy results didn't show the full extent of cell changes, I honestly feel deep down inside like I have Invasive Cancer. I have severe abdominal pain during intercourse and randomly EVERY DAY for the past year at least! It ranges from dull aches to sharp shooting pains that seem to start in my vagina and shoot strait upward.

I have had HPV for anywhere from 5-7 years, I'm only 21. Abnormal PAP 2 Years ago..then again 3 months ago..Finally after 2 years a Doctor actully realized I needed more than just the PAP!

I am so frusterated that I had to wait so long for this procedure. If this had of been checked out 2 years ago It probably would have only been CIN 1.

Please anyone that can answer some of my questions or has similar experiences..answer my post! :)

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