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I had a biopsy and a colposcopy (how ever u spell it) 2 days ago. Last night I took to the internet to look up what AGC ment and now I have never been so terrified in my life. I have 2 small daughters 2yrs & 1 yr so I am all OMG OMG MY BABIES. I can't think of anything else, I am so scared I can't even put in int to words, its 12:30pm and I have been crying and having a break down since last night around midnight.

Everything u get online is......
AGC is a rarer more seriously type to have
AGC can lead to a dangerous diagnosis
AGC....(well u get the idea)

If u are gonna ask about HPV I know I got that when I was around 18 and it has never bothered me since, and during my pregnancies they test u for that and it was always negetive. I don't know about what its doing right this moment though. I will check and see if my dr tested me for that or if she will.

I had been on some anti-biotics for a scrap that got infected, 10 days of those and they gave me my 1st ever yeast infection. After my treatment for that I went back to my dr to make sure the yeast was gone and she said it was and went ahead and did my pap that day. Could it be from just getting over the yeast infection.

I did not have sex before the pap (2 small kids, sex is kinda hard to do these days)

I am just beyond scared and want to be here for my kids for a long LONG time, as all parents do. I can't not stop crying and am looking for hope while awaiting my results.

anyone else have AGC and what was your experience?

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