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Hi ladies.

Two years ago I was diagnosed PCOS and endometriosis, however for the most part both have been asymptomatic except for a few minor inconveniences.

Then suddenly four weeks ago I began exhibiting a host of issues, being:
- constant pain in my pelvic region, back, hips, and down inner thighs
- so far, one missed period (definitely NOT pregnant)
- bloating
- constipation
- occasional gas (lol)
- an increased urgency to urinate
- occasional indigestion.
- random shooting pains in my kidneys (or that area anyway)

The pelvic pain is like a dull ache and heaviness in my womb, and spasms in both my ovaries. It's not like any endo-related pain I've experienced.

Despite having PCOS, missing a period is unusual for me. Only times I've missed them before was due to medications. I'm not taking any new meds or doing anything differently.

I've been tested for a battery of infections (doctor refused any cancer-related tests) and everything has come back negative. My blood pressure is normal.

As I have never experienced so many symptoms so suddenly and at the same time I have become substantially concerned that this is ovarian cancer because its symptoms are the exact ones I am experiencing. Apparently ovarian cancer does not present symptoms until the advanced stages.

I was supposed to be referred for an ultrasound two weeks ago but the letter never arrived (wouldn't be the first time the hospital messed up in my case :mad:), so I'm going to have to ask the GP for another referral even though none of my local doctors are very sympathetic. It was an immense struggle just to get them to refer me for the ultrasound. They have refused to do any further tests until after having the ultrasound, so no pap smear or laporoscopy or anything.

Naturally I am very scared. I am not even 30 yet I have most of the symptoms of ovarian cancer save the one about feeling full after eating very little. Is it possible to abruptly stop menstruating even after years of being like clockwork? Furthermore, is it possible to stop menstruating at the same time as experiencing these other symptoms?

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