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[QUOTE=LuSmith;4899697]Please don't read and run, I'm petrified and crying as I've had these issues for weeks now! and nothings resolving itself!

I'm 27 years old, just had a baby 11 weeks ago and although my lochia (postnatal bleeding) lasted a little while and kept coming back fresh red and such, it cleared up at 4 weeks (roughly) and I just had some dischargey stuff until two weeks later when suddenly I started spotting pink discharge again. I was paranoid this time, and it lasted up until my seven and a half week check when I then got the depo contraceptive injection, which I now fully regret because I was not instructed properly of possible side effects!! Two weeks after having the shot (though I how a browny yellowy coloured discharge up until this point) I started spotting again and now it's getting worse each day, I'm actually having a medium period type bleed now and my urine is blood too most of the time. I've had blood tests done a few weeks ago for lots of things (thyroid, anaemia, blood sugar, liver, kidneys etc) which all came back fine and good. My full blood count was fine back then.

My symptoms are mainly bleeding, pelvic tenderness, I have a strange pressure like feeling in my vagina, rectal aching, a feeling of fullness in the rectum, frequent urination (which I've suffered from for years), sometimes pelvic pain.. can someone tell me if my symptoms just could be hormones and/or depo shot related and thats why I'm bleeding. I know the shots are notourious for continuous bleeding (its been 2 weeks nonstop now and getting worse) but I'm petrified as I went to my doctor asking whether it could be cervical c and she yelled at me for googling symptoms and for worrying myself and that it was rare and I was being silly. I've been diagnosed with IBS even though I'm sure the rectal aching isnt IBS as sometimes the strange feeling extends all the way down my legs.. I have strange feeling to pass gas even though it doesn't relieve the pain or aching when I do! Is this common? Am I being a bit paranoid?

Is it rare to get cervical cancer just after having a baby? (who was completely healthy, and I didn't have any bleeding problems before or during pregnancy, just a baby who arrived 4 weeks early due to waters breaking) Is it rare to get diagnosed with full blown cancer after having a normal smear just over two years ago?? If I had a blood test wouldn't an abnormality show if there was a problem?? I was just wondering if its actually quite rare after all and maybe I'm just overworrying myself as I used to be quite healthy.. .what were the telltale signs for you?? Were there any? I hear it takes 10-15 years for cervical cells to develop into something, is this really the case? I've had a strange discharge for along time (yellowy browny sometimes) and I always was paranoid but stopped worrying when both smear and full STD check up came back normal in Nov 09. I fell pregnant pretty much the first or second time without using contraception. I have had slight bleeding during sex before but I always figured it was because I was too tense or it was too rough sometimes.

Does this really sound like something I should be worrying about as that doctor pretty much banned me from coming back to the surgery with any of the symptoms I have anymore as she's convinced its in my head and convinced the bleeding is from depo. I'm not allowed a smear test apparently because a) its one year too early and they apparently would throw it away and b) I only had my baby 11 weeks ago so apparently the results would not be accurate. Plus I'm sure the bleeding wouldn't help figure out a result as it would probably make it hard to read as I've read smear tests on periods are not wise.

I have an abdominal ultrasound scan to check for retained placenta on the 2nd Jan (feels like forever), and because I begged, the doctor who yelled at me has given up on me and referred me to a gynae to make sure that everything is normal 'down there'. Would a pelvic exam tell a gynecologist anything?? I'm so terrified I'm leaving it too long for anything to be done.. if I wait until Nov for a smear and it is something serious then I could be dead by then!!

Please answer my questions and ease my mind, .. :( I will be ever grateful, and I understand you can't diagnose me from what I say but at least you can get an idea?![/QUOTE]

Im really sorry to hear what your going threw and i can tell you i dont have the answers but i know i bled upto 8 weeks with some of my babies and had a pap smear 6 weeks after my last with bad results and yes they do say it takes 10_15 years for precancerus cells to turn to cancer. but all i can tell you is to see another doctor it's always the best thing to do if your not getting results i hope things get better .sorry i couldn't help more.

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