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Hi 24kbear,

I'm not a professional, but I've done lots of internet research over the past few months while dealing with my ovarian issues.

Cysts can mimic many of the same symptoms as ovarian cancer, and cysts (both simple and complex) are far more common than cancer. So chances are in your favour that everything is benign - although it's still a good idea for your doctor to monitor things.

Then again, I know how hard it is not to worry or to jump to worst-case-scenario thinking. I myself am in my early thirties, and should be low-risk for cancer, but I'm worried that they're jumping so quickly to suggesting an MRI for me (plus the fact that what they're currently following doesn't resemble either a corpus luteum or a hemmoraghic cyst, and they're just referring to it as a "mass").

But from everything that you've written, it sounds like your symptoms could very well be just from the cyst - especially if it's collapsing/in the process of resolving. Back in September, I had a collapsing cyst that sent me to the ER - I had a lot of the same symptoms as you have, and they lasted for a good 20 days or so afterwards (not the pain - that was only on the first day - but the bloating, sense of pressure/fullness, etc).

But that cyst did resolve on its own, and hopefully the same thing will happen with yours.

I hope your appointment with the GYN goes well!

Twixt :)

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