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Ovarian cysts
Feb 13, 2012
I am a young woman and a few months ago I started having severe pain in both sides of my lower abdomen resulting in my near inability to move. We thought it was my appendix. A c-t scan showed a large cyst enveloping each ovary; the one on the left was estimated to be over 5 cm and the other one to be around 3 cm. The one on the right had fluid below it and so they are figuring that it is leaking. I then received a pap-smear( a more painful procedure I have never had), put on birthcontrol pills and told that we would book an endovaginal ultrasound in about three months. That was three months ago and since then things have been rapidly getting worse, I am tired all the time, lightheaded, dizzy, a great deal of pain resonating in that region including the lower back, I hardly eat anything anymore because after a few bites I am as full as if I had eaten a 5 course meal, constant urge to urinate, randomely changing bowelmovements and I swear I see lumps increasing in size where my left ovary is. My grandmother had ovarian cancer. My mother had hers taken out because she had cysts, but none of the other symptoms I have and was told her risk was high for ovarian cancer because her mother had it. I am freaking out. everything is getting worse and worse without giving me a chance to catch up. I almost dont want to get those scans done because I dont want what I am afraid of to be confirmed. Please tell me this is all in my head.

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