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Hi, I'm a 27 year old mother of three children. All my children have been classified as disable and recognized by the state as such. I'm putting this in here to make it clear that due to having all children with special needs I'm done having kids even though im only 27. I just got a colposcopy result back and they told me that I have carcinoma stage 2. So I became scared and confused on what to do. I dont want to have any more children and my husband has also agreed considering he had a vesectomy. So I guess my question is this I know that they have procedures out there like the leep procedure and the other ones that are not surgery. But I'm at the point in my life where I do not need any more things to have to worry about in my life I only want to have to worry about my kids. So I want to know am I able to have a hysterectomy done because that is what I'm opting for. I have my appointment on march 7th to go over my options, but I dont know if I want to have to keep dealing with this and have to worry about it coming back and I would rather just have it all out. But I have never done any of the other procedures and dont know if the doctor will let me have the hysterectomy. I also have HPV which I feel is another reason to just do it. So I was just wondering if anyone had any advice and information to give me to help me either tell the doctor I want the hysterectomy or if I have to then I will need advice on the other procedures that have a high no coming back rate. Sorry this is so long but have no one else to talk to.
You should read about hysterectomy and the possible or likely side effects this can have on you. Like loss of libido and sexual response. No one can tell you what to do, but if it were me, I would NEVER consider a hysterectomy.

I'm not sure why you're considering having one, anyway. When you say "Carcinoma stage 2" do you mean you've been diagnosed with invasive cancer stage two? Or do you mean CIN2 (which is not cancer)? If you have invasive cancer, your doctor will definitely want to do more than just a LEEP procedure. He/she will likely be recommending a hysterectomy, plus chemo and/or radiation. If it's only CIN2, there's absolutely no need for a hysterectomy, unless you just want one for some reason.

Since your husband already has a vasectomy, you don't need to do anything else to avoid having more kids. Even if you needed birth control, hysterectomy is not an appropriate method.

If you're so scared of getting cervical cancer that you'd rather do a preemptive hysterectomy, that's your decision. To me it seems kind of like hearing that you have some carpenter ants infesting one area of your house, and deciding to tear the house down to prevent the ants from spreading. But oh well, to each his own. Just please do read a lot about hysterectomy and listen to the stories of people who have had one and been unhappy about it later. You can always choose to have a hysterectomy, but you can't undo a hysterectomy that's already been performed.

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