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NKK. Wanted to wish you the best of luck on your cone! I had one done 4 weeks ago. I can tell you that my experience was absolutely a breeze. I arrived at hospital morning of 3/5. Was quickly brought into the pre-op prep area (no nervous waiting around). One weird thing that I didn't expect (I always have weird things) was that upon arrival they wanted a urine sample to confirm that I wasn't pregnant. Well I had just peed before leaving and I am not one who can pee on demand. (And of course was not allowed to drink water). I just couldn't do it! I kept trying + getting more + more stressed. Finally the dr came + said can you give me three reasons to believe your not pregnant. I was able to convince her and we moved forward to the OR

I had never had surgery before so no idea what to expect. The OR was really cool looking + the anesthesia guys were totally cute. As soon as I got there one of the cuties put some sedative into my IV. It burned a little. My dr came over and rubbed my arm to help with the stinging. That is the last thing I remember

I woke up in recovery and was feeling uncomfortable and in moderate pain. I probably could have sucked it up but, heck, I'm in a hospital with all means and meds so I need only to express discomfort + right away some pain meds were added to my IV. This was the ONLY time in the past four weeks I experienced anyting one could call pain.

After a little while they wanted me to move from the bed to a reclining chair. Maybe got up too fast or something but I threw up (just a tiny bit) immediately. So they put me back in the bed, gave me some med in IV to settle my stomach + some ginger ale. After that I felt fine + was on my way home.

Came home, had some soup, took prescript ibuprophen + went to sleep. L8r woke + had some pasta + took another med + slept the whole night

Second day no pain only discomfort.[QUOTE][/QUOTE] Took maybe three of the prescript ibuprophen. After that just one pill a day (around 5) for the next week or so. Again, I could have sucked it up, but last time I checked no one was handing out awards for cone biopsy bravery, so I pampered myself and took the one med a day

I went back to work the Monday after the surgery and was back in action

Went through a rainbow of colors discharge_ pink, rust, bright red, brown, charcoal, and black. Never anything really gross or heavy (that gooey stuff from the colpolscopy was way more gross and disturbing)

Got my results 4 days after surgery (I can be pushy when need be). Good news is no cancer!! And ab cells have not moved beyond the surface of cervix. Bad news is they didn't get it all. Given that I'm 48 and get so freaked out we decided that rather than spend the next #? Years testing and biopsying to just do a total vaginal hysyerectomy (uturus+cervix only) and be done with it. I will tell you I am nervous on all sorts of rational and totally crazy levels, but am confident that it is the right thing to do for my physical + mental health. Keeping ovaries so no hormonal issues; vaginal not abdominal so no scar; and my dr assures me I will still be able to "party like a rock star" in bed

All the very best to you!!! (Save some pee for the hospital, and you will have a stress free cone! Lol)

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