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Hello, I am new to this. I have no where else to turn. I have been going to the doctor and even a specialist to no avail. Getting very discouraging!My symptoms are chronic bladder infections, blood (alot) in the urine, abnormal bleeding, pressure fullness in my pelvis, rapid weight gain, and a new onset of gastrointestinal symptoms a burning belly,gas, belching (indigestion) severe bloating (all the time, gets worse if I eat). I look 9 months preggers, and it is so uncomfortable, can not sleep due to the back and side pain plus lower cramping and bloating. I will burp over a sip of water and for absolutely no reason at all.I also have cramping down my right thigh. This all sounds like ovarion cancer to me, but my Dr. will not listen to me. I have told her my fears, she does not even respond! She finally sent me to a urologist after multiple rounds of every antibiotic out there. The bladder infection gets better but never goes away completely. Then it resumes once I am done taking the useless meds.The new gastrointestinal stuff has been going on for the past two weeks now. I sleep constantly and am in a lot of pain. I just do not feel "right".I went to the urologist, and she was even worse! She said since I just had a urine test a week ago and it showed I had a bladder infection she is not gonna run any tests. She did absolutely nothing! Waste of time and money! They got my appointment time wrong, even though we confirmed twice! So I walked around and had lunch at the University the clinic was located for hours! Then had to sit in the room for two hours!All together five hours!!! I SWARE this to be true! I can not believe patients are treated like this! I typically do not sweat the small stuff, but then not getting any help at all really upset me. I was in tears on the way home and feel like they are just not caring.Why so cavalier about cancer concerns?I felt it was such a high priority. I had cervical cancer when I was around 20 years old. So I am very afraid. They were overbooked that day, they forgot about me and I was her last patient. She was ready to leave, and was very rude and quick!I had been holding my urine the entire time to hear this.The only reason I stayed was fear and I wanted a scan or ultrsound..something!! She also did not make a single comment or even acknowledge my ovarian cancer worry??? She was hung up and stuck on my endmetrioses . I have it mild and have never had these type of symptoms! Next time, I guess I must be more verbal and say "did you hear me, what are your thoughts on that"? I am now so depressed, and feel only if you are wealthy do you get decent care!Could this be two entirely different things going on at the same time? I have had overlapping symptoms before. My Dr at the time also would not listen and I then ended up with a severe kidney infection and scarred kidneys from that time. The urologist sent me home with TWO new antibiotics! YAY! She felt one was to kill the bacteria or something and aid the other??? I am taking sulfa and cipro...AGAIN! But wait...together. I am starting to feel what is wrong with these Dr.'s. People have to spend hours to self diagnose, and still pay the doctors after we do their job!Why do they not take women serious over such symptoms. I called and left a message begging for an ultrasound. She wants to wait and see if the medications work. I have had chronic infections for almost five years! I have read chronic bladder infections can lead to the cells turning to cancer.Any input at all will be so much appreciated and is this normal care? Scared, depressed & needing to vent. Thank you~

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