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Hi for about the last ten months i have had spotting just before my period.
it has not been every month, but it seems to happen every time i have taken antibiotics, which has been often in the last year as i keep getting an abscess on my tooth .
it usually happens about five days before my period ,or sometimes just one or two days before.

I had it last month and just put it down to the antibiotics, but i am not due on for another 5 days and i started spotting on saturday evening, there is hardly anything there now , but i have not been on antibiotics this month so surely it cant be that

i am not on any birth control. never have been, and i am nearly 47, but my periods are normally regular. i have not had a smear for about 9 years , stupid i know, but i had a colposcopy about 7 years ago as i had a coil fitted but part of it came away, and i had a lot of pain ,thats why they did the colposcopy, but they said my cervix looked healthy, and they were not worried ,they said the coil had prpbably just worked its way out.

I am spending hours on the internet making myself ill with worry as i am worried i have cervical cancer, as i have not had regular smears lately.
i know there are other things that can cause spotting, but i cant stop worrying about cancer .
could cancer have developed since i had the colposcopy seven years ago
i have read that pre cancer normally takes years to turn into cancer .
the last few months i have been getting some period pain, i dont normally get this ,and it is on my left side.

if the spotting was due to cancer ,would i not get spotting other times in the month ,it is always just before my period is due.
the spotting is usually light in colour or brown.
i have got an appointment to see my doctor next monday, but i cant seem to think of anything else, are my chances of this being cervical cancer high.
can anyone please help me with this as i am worried sick and i am finding it hard to think of anything else.
thanks in advance juli.

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