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Hi there,

I'm going through this as well, except that I'm only 29 years old with no kids (yet) and my pap came back as Atypical Glandular Cells - Favor scary! I received this pap result back in January, so I have been dealing with this for a few months now. I also went through a cervical biopsy and actually had two ECCs (one by my regular GYN and one by a Gyn/Onc).

My regular GYN called with my pap result and just told me it was slightly abnormal and he was bringing me in for a colposcopy. I didn't think much of it, as I had an HPV diagnosis about 5 or so years ago, where I came in for paps every 6 months instead of every 12, and eventually that cleared up and I went back annually. Anyway, after the colposcopy and ECC I got a copy of my pap result and that's when I started freaking out. I spent the next week and a half Googling and worrying that I was going to need a hysterectomy and never have kids. I also made an appointment with a Gyn/Onc, knowing that the pap result can be serious. So when my Gyn called with my results, he said I had a low grade squamous lesion and also Microglandular Hyperplasia, which is a benign condition that is commonly mistaken for Adenocarcinoma in Situ on pap smears. This was the best news I ever could have received!

I still went to the Gyn/Onc appointment, just hoping the results would be confirmed and I would go on my way to schedule a pap in 3 months. However, she did another colposcopy and ECC, and then announced I needed a Cold Knife Cone biopsy. I was so confused. I asked if she reviewed my previous pathology results, and she HAD NOT. She said based on the pap result, this was what she recommended. I know that the pap result isn't good, but I believe the cervical biopsy is more diagnostic than the pap smear. I asked why she didn't think the Microglandular Hyperplasia was the reason for the pap, and she just shrugged her shoulders...Yeah, I was never going back to a doctor who tried to hustle me into a surgery that could affect my fertility like it's no big deal before she even saw my previous pathology results.

They wanted me to do the CKC the next week and tried to get me to do all the pre-op testing right there, but I at least wanted to wait for the result of my second ECC. I then had to track her down to get my results (which was also negative). She did say if I was hesitant to get the cone, I could go back for a pap follow up in 3 months, so that's what I'm doing (but not there).

Anyway, I've done a ton of reading and researching, and what I discovered is that: AGC paps are very difficult to diagnose. Several Pathologists could look at the same result and come to a different conclusion. Second, most of the time AGC pap results actually end up being Squamous cells and not Glandular cells. So, it's very possible that your mild dysplasia caused the result and that's all there is. Third, as I discovered, there are several benign conditions that can mimic neoplasia on pap tests.

I know any time anyone hears cancer or precancer it's a terrifying experience. But It's important to advocate for your own health and really do research before determining your next step. While I'm still worried that something may have been missed, I'm pretty confident that between two colposcopies, two ECCs and a cervical biopsy, SOMETHING should have come up if AIS was there. And if it was missed, I will have another pap in a few months and go from there. Hopefully, everything will be clear and I can start trying to get pregnant.

In your case, without even having a qualifier of "favor neoplasia", I would definitely be OK with a follow-up pap.

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