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Well, I had found a good doc. Even though I've been in the military for a long while, I've never had to deal with our off-base coverage stuff. Apparently the doc that did my biopsies has to be the one to input a referral to the gyn/onc. I called his office this morning, and less than 3 hours later, the referal to the gyn/onc was in the system - now just waiting on the admin folks to approve it. It's not with the doc I wanted, but it'll work. She has good reviews.

Trust me, I know the anxiety that comes with waiting for these appointments. No fun! I'd tell you to try not to worry/think about it, but that would just be silly. Heaven knows I couldn't relax beforehand. I had my consult a month after getting my pap results, and my colpo a week after that. Hopefully they will do their very best to get you in quickly so you can stop stressing and get some answers! Still sending you lots of positive thoughts!

And yes, my man has been absolutely wonderful and amazing throughout the whole thing. He's not a fan of doctors or hospitals, but he's been right by my side the whole time and hasn't complained a bit. :) He lets me lean on him and cry to him, he makes me laugh and tries to keep me from getting too wound up in my head, but he knows when to back off and let me be. Have I mentioned how amazing he is? ;) It really does help to have a man like that, huh?

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