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Cold Knife Cone
May 22, 2012
Hi Everyone,

New here & hoping to have a big question answered. I'll start at the beginning & hopefully it will help.

Just over a month ago I set up an appointment to go into my OB/GYN because I had found out I was pregnant. The night before I had some bleeding & after numerous test coming out positive this one came out negative. I went into the doctors office the next day, she said it was possible I had an early miscarriage. I was due for my annual exam so we went ahead & did a pap smear.
A couple days later I get a call saying I would need to come in for a colposcopy & biopsy, I was terrified. I set up the appointment & went in about a week and a half later. She told me then that the test also came back with high risk HPV. (Unusual since all my tests before never came back with this & have been with the same partner for years.) We went ahead & did the procedure with biopsy & set an appointment for me to come back in 1 week for results.
One week later I go in & she says it came back much worse than she had anticipated. That I had carcinoma in situ, she insisted Cold Knife cone surgery & we set the date. In less than 2 weeks I had the procedure done. 4 days after the surgery I wasn't feeling well (slight dizziness) emailed the doctor for an appointment & the reason why. Got a call immediately the next day setting up an appointment to come in. When I went in she had also just got my biopsy results back. She seemed worried & went on to say the only thing that came back in the biopsy was inflammation. No carcinoma in situ, not anything that was originally stated in the pathology report! She said she wanted it to be re-tested by another facility & had me sign a release to do so. I had to pay for the re-testing as well. Could this be that I never had an issue to begin with & the surgery was unnecessary? She did the surgery herself & was a highly recommended doctor. Could the lab she sent it to messed up the results that badly? I am so confused by what is going on, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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